Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy  


Protect Your Firm Against Financial Losses from Property Damage and General Liability Lawsuits


Your Passport to Ensuring the Ongoing Operation of Your Accounting or Accountants Office. 


It's vital to protect your firm from the devastation property damage or a potential lawsuit could bring. The challenge is locating the right property and liability protection at the right price. First, you want coverage designed specifically for accountant offices. Second, you need the kind of business owner's policy that covers a wide range of liability and property risks. Third, you don't want to settle for a one-size-fits-all policy. You need the option to upgrade your coverage and tailor it to your firm's specific needs.


Call today, as members are able to receive a quote and bind coverage over the phone. You can also download the attached form for an alternative application process.


For information, advice, an insurance quote, or a detailed insurance review, please call 1-800-732-8350.

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